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BMW B58 Ignition coils

TOREFI SPORTS ignition coil plasma high power output 50KV, high energy 297mj. , The unique high-energy output structure design can increase the torque output of your car by 10% at 1200 rpm. After the large turbo intervenes, the powerful high-voltage breakdown energy can instantly ignite the mixed gas that is strongly compressed inside the cylinder. Stable quality will not have any misfire rate. Ensure 100% perfect detonation. Increase engine power output. 

Finally, as you expect, we have developed a higher-quality N54 replacement B58 reinforced ignition coil, a more reasonable length, a gold-plated spring to increase electrical conductivity, a stronger quality insulated boots, and reinforced in the middle that is not easy to deform. More B58 ignition coils have more ignition energy and ignition residence time than OEM, so that the combustion is fuller and the explosion of greater horsepower. Perfectly solve all N54 fire problems.


  • Up to 30% more energy output than stock oem B58.
  • Red housing with TOR Logo.
  • True upgrade,with energy chip control.(Unlike other brangs)
  • Direct plug-and-play.
  • The resistance of the gold-plated spring is only 0.1. Compared with the 4.4 ohm of ordinary springs, the gold-plated has a great improvement.
  • the minimum can be started at 6.5V voltage to ensure that the car can ignite normally under low temperature or insufficient voltage.

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